Bodegas Ysios tribute
Giovanni de francesco screenshot2
Giovanni de francesco screenshot1
Giovanni de francesco ysios fog

Trying out a foggy day setting

Giovanni de francesco wip

Maya viewport wip

Giovanni de francesco book1

The book from which I took the original blueprint for modelling,

Bodegas Ysios tribute

This is a personal project I've made in 2015 with the aim to learn more about Unreal engine 4. This is supposed to be a tribute to the amazing architecture of this winery (Bodegas Ysios) made by Santiago Calatrava and located in Spain.
Modelling has been done in Maya and all the rest in Unreal engine. The project is freely navigable in realtime.
I consider this still a work in progress since I want to take it back in hand soon and complete it in an appropriate manner.

More artwork
Giovanni de francesco realtime reflection sys thumbGiovanni de francesco screenshot00016thumbGiovanni de francesco screenshot00002b thumb